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How does the Microsoft Surface Laptop stack up to the MacBook Air?

The sapphire version of Microsoft’s 2024 Surface Laptop sitting angled on a white countertop.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop could be the most impressive laptop the company has ever made. It has a modern chassis with thin display bezels and a new Arm-based CPU that might just give Apple laptops a run for their money when it comes to performance. That’s no mean feat, considering Apple’s striking lead since 2020, but we won’t know how it compares until we get a Surface Laptop in hand. That didn’t stop me from diving deep on their specs to see how they compare on paper.

Before we get to the real nitty-gritty, let’s take a look at some of the most obvious differences you’ll see between the Surface Laptop and the MacBook Air.

What’s it gonna cost you?

The M3 MacBook Air starts at $1,099 for an 8GB model, which already puts it at a…

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