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Bose’s new SoundLink Max has a little handle and big sound

A marketing image of Bose’s SoundLink Max portable speaker.
Image: Bose

Say what you will about Bose’s more ambitious swings — I appreciate that it takes them in the first place — but today, the company is releasing a new product in a category that it’s always been pretty excellent at: Bluetooth speakers. Bose is more or less supersizing its SoundLink Flex into a new, larger model called the SoundLink Max. Considering how Bose’s acoustic processing has for years squeezed impressive sound out of relatively small hardware, I’m excited to hear what a bigger device is capable of.

Coming May 16th for a price of $399, the new speaker is loaded with three transducers and two custom-designed passive radiators. So right there, you’re already in for quite an improvement over the mono SoundLink Flex.

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