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Microsoft launches Phi-3, its smallest AI model yet

Illustration of the Microsoft wordmark on a green background
Illustration: The Verge

Microsoft launched the next version of its lightweight AI model Phi-3 Mini, the first of three small models the company plans to release.

Phi-3 Mini measures 3.8 billion parameters and is trained on a data set that is smaller relative to large language models like GPT-4. It is now available on Azure, Hugging Face, and Ollama. Microsoft plans to release Phi-3 Small (7B parameters) and Phi-3 Medium (14B parameters). Parameters refer to how many complex instructions a model can understand.

The company released Phi-2 in December, which performed just as well as bigger models like Llama 2. Microsoft says Phi-3 performs better than the previous version and can provide responses close to how a model 10 times bigger than it can.

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