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Infiniti’s sleek Vision Qe concept is a reminder of the EVs it hasn’t launched

infiniti sporty sedan concept, black in color with front lined in LED
Don’t expect Infiniti to make an EV like this any time soon. | Image: Infiniti

Infiniti is looking to launch its first electric vehicle ever: a super sporty fastback sedan based on a newly revealed concept it calls the Vision Qe. The luxury brand of Nissan debuted the new concept at Japan’s Mobility Show 2023 this week and promised a production version will follow, well, someday.

Over the years, Infiniti has promised to launch a new EV several times but has not yet released anything. In 2012, parent company Nissan even had a plan to transform its pioneering Leaf platform into a luxury version with a less bulbous look for Infiniti, but it never appeared.

Infiniti built a couple more prototypes and concepts afterward and said in 2019 that it’d make a real EV out of another concept called the QX Inspiration.

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